Sports Scholarship

Full scholarship for sports personalities to school and get involved in sporting activities in USA

How good are you when we talk about sports? Do you desire to school in USA and be actively involved in sporting activities? How many scholarships have you applied for and have yield no positive results?

Global Baseline (GBL) provides you with the opportunity to have access to the above questions. GBL in partnership with American Students Athletes Logistics (ASAL) is affiliated to about eleven (11) schools in USA which are well known due to their sporting excellence. Every year, a number of talented sports personalities are selected from all over the world into one of these schools and awarded scholarship in order to enable these schools continue standing tall in sports.

The scholarships usually awarded could either be a full scholarship (which covers tuition cost, living expenses and accommodation cost) or full tuition scholarship (which only covers tuition).

Usually, most of the people who have had the opportunity to be part of the selected few through GBL have been awarded full scholarship.

This year, the 'opportunity door' is opened once again and talented sports personalities in the field of soccer for both males and females; basketball for males; and athletics covering track and field event (javelin throw, long jump etc.) for both males and females.

Scholarship Beneficiaries


SHS: Accra Academy SHS

UNIVERSITY: University of Central Florida


SHS: Jukwa SHS

UNIVERSITY: University of Texas Rio Grande Valley


SHS: Preset Pacesetters SHS

UNIVERSITY: Northern Oklahoma College


SHS: Asamankese Senior High School

UNIVERSITY: University of Texas Rio Grande Valley


SHS: Mfantsipim Senior High School

UNIVERSITY: East Central College