SAT in Ghana

SAT, a college entrance examination accepted by almost all the colleges and universities in the United States of America and other institutions in the world, is an abbreviation for Scholastic Assessment Test . It is usually administered five times in a year all around the world. The SAT is best described as a reasoning test. There are three sections on the SAT namely Critical Reading, Writing and Maths.


Global Baseline (GBL) is an institution with a reputation for excellent teaching and preparing students to make a profound positive difference in the world. It offers a better SAT experience that is both challenging and fun. You will learn from experienced teachers who are experts in their respective fields not SHS graduates as used by others. You will thrive with thought-provoking classes, a tech-infused learning environment, a state-of-the-art Tablet PC and ample inspiration. It's all part of a GBL education.

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GBL is affordable, too! Reasonably-priced tuition and a competitive scholarship and financial aid programme make GBL an outstanding value - not something you'd expect from a leading, high-tech institution. It is affiliated with schools in the USA, Canada, China and Europe. At GBL, we don't only send you to a college but an affordable one where you can enjoy your full or partial scholarship.

SAT Registration

Over the years GBL has registered over 1000 students to take the test. When it come to registration GBL is one of the institutions you can trust.

Tuition and Costs for Local & International Students for SAT

We charge affordable fees for our services. Click here for the list of approved fees for the year.

Success Story

"I have taken the SAT exams for about four times before i was introduced to Global Baseline(GBL). All those times, i fell below the pass mark.
GBL has qualified teachers who will help you take the exams and hit the pass mark just as i did. I am now in the University of Califonia in the United States of America majoring in Psychology. GBL is one of the best and you can't afford wasting your money elsewhere".

Osman Abdul-Illal

Attended: St. Thomas Aquinas Senior High

"There are schools among schools but GBL is one of the outstanding educational institutes I have ever attended. The teachers are experienced, committed, dedicated above all inspirational. The commitment that came with teaching was wonderful. If all schools within the country have the kind of teachers and conducive learning environment that GBL has, Ghana will be a better place. I am very glad I came to GBL, where I aced the SAT to earn a full scholarship to study in a very good university in the US.”
Richard Amon A.K.A Balotelli

Attended: Accra Academy SHS


  • We have smaller class size
  • Availability of qualified teachers
  • Affordable tuition cost
  • Affiliation to International Schools
  • Provision of home tuition
  • Flexible Time Schedule
  • One-on-One Tuition