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Welcome to Global Baseline

Global Baseline(GBL) was established in 2000 as an organisation dedicated to high academic achievements. It seeks to provide education to Ghanaians in an environment that calls forth for potential and fosters good leadership. GBL creates a path of intellectual discovery and extracurricular exploration essential to life-long learning.

At GlobalBaseline, students will be prepared and equiped in the following ways:
(1) Think creatively, critically, and reflectively, incorporating theory and practice
(2) Communicate effectively in writing, speech, and non-verbal expression
(3) Demonstrate professional demeanor
(4) Demonstrate personal accountability
(5) Utilize current technological media in a proficient manner
(6) Demonstrate financial literacy ...... Read More


  • "I have taken the SAT exams for about four times before i was introduced to Global Baseline(GBL). All those times, i fell below the pass mark. GBL has qualified teachers who will help you take the exams and hit the pass mark just as i did. I am now in the University of Califonia in the United States of America majoring in Psychology. GBL is one of the best and you can't afford wasting your money elsewhere".

    Osman Abdul-Illal - Former Student

  • "There are schools within schools and GBL is one of the outstanding educational institute i have ever studied. The teachers are just too great and inspirational. The committment that came with teaching was just to wonderful. Is all schools within the sub-region have the kind of teachers and learning spirit that GBL has, Ghana will be a better place"

    Richard Amon - Former Student


Global Baseline Limited is in partnership with British Council and a member of the Council's The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) Programme.
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