Available Prices

GBL Registration Form GHc70.00
Global Baseline's services require every student to pick up a registration form at its office to identify each student with the institution. The cost allows a student to be given an identity card which will allow you access to our library.
Exams Registration Fee USD 123.00
This cost allows the student to take the test and it include facilitation processes – form completion, online college-board accounts creation, etc - and a passport picture.
Tuition GHc1,250.00
The fees cover lessons, study materials, practice tests, mock exams, and some stationery. Students can choose the duration of their lessons: from 2-16 weeks. It suffices to note that Global Baseline has experienced graduate tutors with a track record of teaching the exams for over 10 years.
School Application (Per School) GHc500.00
Global Baseline assists students in various ways: securing a full or part scholarship and admission to universities with low tuition fees, doing visa applications, editing application essays, completing application forms, and correspondence with preferred universities or colleges. The cost stated however relates to an application process to one school and as a result, the number of schools that will be chosen by a student will determine the total value.
GBL has, over the years, helped about 1,000 students gain admission, with scholarships, to schools in the US, Canada, China and Europe.
Kofi Annan Discount Package GHc2,250.00
Global Baseline understands the burden that will be placed on students and parents if they should opt for a complete service of the institution. As a result, we have established a special discount package to lighten their burden.
Students can benefit from discounts in registration, tuition, and college or university applications. They are guaranteed four (4) universities or colleges they can apply to.